Episode 72 – DC Fandome and Something is Killing the Children

Guess what… VS is back! Who do you think wins in a battle between Ghostface (from a Scream of your choosing) and The Fisherman (from the first I Know What You Did Last Summer film)?! We cover a LOT this week as we go through some our favorite moments from DC Fandome Day 1 and we cover all 20 issues of Something is Killing the Children.

1:03 – Ghostface (Scream) vs The Fisherman (I Know What You Did Last Summer)
5:40 – Jon Kent’s Superman set to come out as bisexual in Nov 
19:05 – DC Fandome
– 19:13 – Superman’s motto is changing to be more modern and inclusive
– 20:46 – Renewals: Pennyworth (season 3), Titans (Season 4), Doom Patrol (Season 4)
– 21:46 – The Milestone Initiative
– 24:22 – New DC trailers! The Batman, Peacemaker, Naomi, Flashpoint, Black Adam, Batwoman, and Blue Beetle (no trailer for this one)
42:37 – Something is Killing the Children review (issues 1-20)
– 46:21 – Summary and overall thoughts on the series
– 52:55 – Compelling characters
– 1:10:23 – Structure and writing
– 1:19:45 – Favorite issues/arcs/scenes
– 1:24:51 – Mythology
– 1:34:01 – Masks, color meanings, and which faction we’d join
– 1:41:57 – Thoughts on the artwork
– 1:46:21 – Vol 3 ending and vol 4 ending
– 1:46:29 – Ratings

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Father and Husband. Works in Corporate Banking. Loves Books, Comics, Cycling, Music, Games, going to the Gym and Writing.

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