Episode 84 – 2022’s Most Anticipated List

We are BACK to our regularly scheduled geekery as we catch up on what we binged over the holidays, talk about a few news bits that have us excited, and dive into the things we’re looking forward to so far in 2022!

2:19 – What we caught up on over the holidays (Tokyo Revengers, The Silent Sea, Power, The Matrix: Resurrections)
16:39 – The return of Justified, new mini series Justified: City Primeval
22:27 – Talks of a Quantum Leap revival from the showrunners of La Brea
27:00 – Most anticipated comics of 2022 (so far). Mark picked some floppies and a trade, while Jasmin picked some webtoons and manga
35:41 – Most anticipated TV of 2022. Mark picked all streamers and Jasmin anime (duh) and a couple of network shows
52:49 – Most anticipated movies of 2022. Mark is holding out for two DC flicks while Jasmin is excited about a Sony showing!
1:04:48 – Most anticipated game of 2022. We both picked PS exclusives! Shocker for Jasmin since she’s bigger on Xbox.

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About Jasmin

Geek girl who loves chatting about pop culture, watching anime, reading comics and manga, and doing a bit of globetrotting. Catch me collecting passport stamps and graphic novels!

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