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Late to the Party Book Club – Episode 13 – Scott Pilgrim Vol 2

We have decided that Scott Pilgrim will henceforth be known as a Christmas book. No, we will not be taking questions on the matter. In fact, we hope you’ll join us next year as we cover volume 3 in December 2022! In great spirit, as always, we were joined by Rockin’ Robbie (who has also been co-opted into this new tradition) to help us get through Scott Pilgrim Vol 2: Scott Pilgrim vs The World! Read the rest of this entry

Episode 82 – Best of 2021 Year End Show (With Guests!)

Wrapping up another year of podcasting! ¬†For this year’s year end extravaganza, we decided we would chop it up with some of the friends we’ve picked up along this journey. We were joined by Amir and K from Paperbacks & Soundtracks and Phable and Big Herm from The PCP Bad Batch. Be sure to check out their shows as well! Read the rest of this entry

Episode 81 – Spider-Man: No Way Home (SPOILERS!)

Please do not listen to this episode until AFTER you have seen Spider-Man: No Way Home. As a spidey fan, we want you to be as unspoiled as possible. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 80 – The Amazing Spider-Man Films

We continue our trek down Spidey memory lane as we take a look at the Andrew Garfield era. It was Jasmin’s first time seeing both Amazing Spider-Man films while Mark got a revisit, and let’s just say some things can be as bad as you remember them to be. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 77 – Y: The Last Man Season 1

We are joined once again by Verno from The Cerebros Podcast! We take some time to get to know Verno before jumping into the episode where we cover the latest Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. Then we’ve got a mixed bag as we discuss the FX on Hulu series, Y: The Last Man. Read the rest of this entry

Late to the Party Book Club – Episode 12 – Fables Vol 1 and 2

For this month’s book club, we’re taking a look at one of the classics: Fables! We are joined by Jennifer, from Comics Will Break Your Heart, as we discuss this modern take on some of the most famous characters in all of literature. Snow White finally has some autonomy; Prince Charming is a real d-bag; and Goldilocks is spearheading a revolution? All that and more, give it a watch or YouTube or listen wherever you get your Podcasts and let us know what you think! Read the rest of this entry

Episode 76 – Eternals

Back to the original duo! We haven’t done an episode with just the two of us in about 6 weeks because we’ve been having so much fun talking with guest hosts! This week, we’re back to chatting and catching up, recommendations, and discussing news of the week before we jump into our review of the 26th MCU film, Eternals. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 75 – Army of Thieves

We’ve got three continents represented on the podcast this week as we’re joined by Matt from Talking Pop Culture, all the way from Australia! We had such a fun time getting to know Matt and then chopping it up about how much fun Army of Thieves is. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 74 – Fear Street Trilogy

The conclusion to our jam-packed spooky season series! We are joined by Verno from The Cerebros Podcast, Nick from Comic Culture, and Cookie from Just a Little Podcast as we tackle Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy! Read the rest of this entry

Episode 73 – Venom: Let There Be Carnage

On this episode we’re speaking with our buddy Tom, from the 2 Brothers at a Watercooler podcast about his publishing company and the comic he’s got on Kickstarter at the moment! Hedge is about a deaf witch in New York City whose desire to learn more about magic lead to unintended consequences. Be sure to give this one a look as this all ages comic is a diverse and fun fantasy tale! The main event, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, is a lot of Mark trying to get Jasmin and Tom to say something (ANYTHING) positive. Read the rest of this entry

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