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Episode 83 – GU Conversations – A Mental Health Check-in


Happy 2022! We are back and the gang’s all here! This episode is a special, intentional deviation from our norm and we hope you’ll give this a listen if you’re a newbie or a regular. Read the rest of this entry

Episode 78 – GU Conversations – Creator and Writer Shawn Pryor

This month, we speak with creator and writer Shawn Pryor! We talk everything from Super Sentai to Action Lab Comics to mental health and we get the inside scoop on the long list of projects Shawn has in the pipeline — including his latest Kickstarter for Ignition #3! Read the rest of this entry

Episode 69 – GU Conversations – Martin ”Biff” Averre of ACE Comics

For our September conversation, we speak with Martin “Biff” Averre, founder and owner of ACE Comics, a retailer in the UK! Biff’s been in the industry for 40 years and he was generous with his time, allowing us to pick his brain about all things comics! Read the rest of this entry

Episode 65 – GU Conversations w/Rockin’ Robbie of the Pop Culture Philosophers

We’ve got a new monthly feature where we’ll chop it up interview style with some people we think are pretty awesome! In this episode we get to speak with Rockin’ Robbie Billups of the Pop Culture Philosophers, and we’re talking everything from making music to making comics to running a successful YouTube channel and everything in between! Read the rest of this entry

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