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Episode 78 – GU Conversations – Creator and Writer Shawn Pryor

This month, we speak with creator and writer Shawn Pryor! We talk everything from Super Sentai to Action Lab Comics to mental health and we get the inside scoop on the long list of projects Shawn has in the pipeline — including his latest Kickstarter for Ignition #3! Read the rest of this entry

Episode 65 – GU Conversations w/Rockin’ Robbie of the Pop Culture Philosophers

We’ve got a new monthly feature where we’ll chop it up interview style with some people we think are pretty awesome! In this episode we get to speak with Rockin’ Robbie Billups of the Pop Culture Philosophers, and we’re talking everything from making music to making comics to running a successful YouTube channel and everything in between! Read the rest of this entry

Geeks Unleashed Interview: Steve Niles on Criminal Macabre: Final Night – The 30 Days of Night Crossover

Comic Book author & Screenplay Writer Steve Niles has been a widely known and revered name in the Comic Book world since the publication of his hugely successful 30 Days of Night series back in 2002. Originally a rejected film pitch 30 Days was shopped around and eventually picked up and optioned by IDW

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Interview: Amelia Andersdotter

Last week I wrote an article about Digital Rights Management and made you all read my opinions. There was reference to pirates, and I kicked myself when I realised that I know a pirate (“know” meaning a handful of tweets exchanged!)

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