Episode 85 – Scream 5

We are back to talk about one our ALL TIME FAVORITE franchises! But before we get into Scream 5, we go through live trailer reactions for Moon Knight and Picard season 2, and we’ll also catch up on what else we’ve been watching this week.

3:02 – Catching up on the week (Jasmin’s been watching Ranking of Kings and Mark has moved on to season 2 of Power.)
9:17 – Moon Knight reaction trailer
16:06 – Picard season 2 reaction trailer
21:38 – Scream 5 review – We go over some trivia, talk about the new rules, legacy characters vs newbies, best death scene, how this film fixes most of the mistakes from the 4th film, and where we’d like to see the franchise go from here!

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About Jasmin

Geek girl who loves chatting about pop culture, watching anime, reading comics and manga, and doing a bit of globetrotting. Catch me collecting passport stamps and graphic novels!

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